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Damp Alarms London

What is a Damp Alarm?

A damp alarm is a type of electronic device which will send you an alert when it comes into contact with damp, moisture or water. Very much like a smoke detector, but for water leaks.

Damp alarms are often referred to as leak alarms, automatic damp sensors, or electronic automatic damp or leak detectors. They are often utilised in any commercial or domestic premises to inform inhabitants to the presence of damp or water quickly to make certain that damage can be minimised by responding to what causes it as quickly as the issue is picked up. The aim of a damp alarm is to make the user aware of any water leaks or damp problems before the on-set of water damage.

Batteries are used in the devices and can be installed the same way you would in a smoke alarm. The units are also a similar size to that of a smoke alarm. These types of alarms have sensors located on the feet or side of the case, which are calibrated at the time of setting up to log the existing surface moisture content levels as regular, and, only when this damp level is surpassed, will the damp alarm go off.

How Does a Damp Alarm Work?

A damp alarm is typically over 80 decibels: That’s around the same noise as a hoover, when you are the one doing the vacuuming. Call us right now to receive a absolutely free estimate on your leak alarm supply and installation.

Damp alarms typically run off of batteries. If you have an existing fire alarm and burglar alarm system installed, a damp alarm can be hard wired and integrated in to the existing system. Damp alarms can also be installed as a stand alone system to run off the main power.

For those looking for a low cost option, with no planned works or having to tap into the existing power supply, the battery powered damp alarm system is recommended.

The sensor on a damp alarm system is located along the side of the case as well as on the feet as stated before: it consists of two thin wires, spaced a tiny distance apart. In the event that damp has contact with the two wires, the resistance amongst the 2 is lowered, making it possible for the current to travel via the circuit to the buzzer, that’s initiated and alerts any person near the leak.

Damp Alarm Specialists

Our knowledgeable installation fitters can be contracted to fit damp alarms to your design specs. Single and multi-zone systems can be installed competently and professionally using our expertise in setting up many 100s of systems in a wide range of circumstances.

Give us a call for a free estimate for your damp alarm or leak alarm supply and installation.

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