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Looking for a Forensic Building Survey in London?

A forensic building survey involves the exhaustive assessment of the integrity, faults or failures of a building from a number of different perspectives and disciplines. During a forensic analysis our technicians would take in to account all variables, actual or potential, with the aim of diagnosing the causes and affects, and then recommending corrective actions for the plethora of different needs and objectives our clients may require. We regularly utilise a wide array of techniques in our assessments, such as thermographic imagery, ultrasonic scans and vibration assessment techniques, amongst others. These are high-tech approaches that are often not available with other professional, providing a valuable insight often unavailable otherwise.

Why do I need a Forensic Building Survey?

The reasons you would want to instruct a forensic building survey with us are numerous. If you are experiencing any number of building failures; such as water ingress or water damage, you have noticed elevated material ageing, mould growth, rusting or corrosion of metals, structural cracking to your walls and ceilings, or you suspect structural movement, then corrective measures can be promptly advised upon investigation. If you intend to initiate a claim on your insurance, a forensic building survey can provide the evidence essential to be successful.

What do I get with a Forensic Building Survey?

After instructing a forensic building survey, you will receive a comprehensive written report outlining the clear methodology used in identifying the failures of integrity that were explored. This report would be accompanied with the quantitative and qualitative data acquired during the survey, often in the form of thermal images, ultrasonic scan readings etc. Liability for failure, as well as the proportional attribution of responsibility would also be outlined. The aim of the report is always foremost to provide evidence, but we will also detail provisions for the necessary proposed future actions regarding the concerns for instruction.

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