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What is a Trace and Access Survey?

As referred to in British homeowner’s insurance policies, trace and access is the coverage of costs for investigative surveys and repairs works for water leaks. It is important to be aware that in some policies, trace and access can be specifically excluded, resulting with you leaving left with the burden of footing the bill. Without this insurance, damages caused to a property in the process of water ingress investigation works will not be covered. You will also be potentially left struggling to attain the appropriate level of professional support required in the event of water ingress, and such investigation works can be lengthy and costly.

Why do I need Trace and Access?

Service providers such as Building Survey London, favoured and vetted by insurance companies, are able to minimise and even negate damage to a property by using advanced techniques to ascertain sources of water ingress. The large majority of household pipe systems are concealed, usually under floorboards or in the cavities of walls.

Due to this, leak detection can be very troublesome without professional investigation. Using specialist equipment such as thermal imagery, ultrasound and gas detection, our technicians are able to quickly diagnose a location and remediation for the problem.

What do I get with a Trace and Access?

Trace and access investigation is highly efficient and is extremely cost effective when compared to its destructive measures counterparts, often locating a point of water ingress within centimetres. At this point we can immediately concentrate on drying and repairing the affected areas back to its original form.

Once our technicians have investigated, you will be provided with a full report, often backed by thermal imagery and ultrasonic readings, giving a full and clear breakdown of your next steps for property restoration, taking pressure off you.

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