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What is a Mould Survey?

The presence of mould and related odours are often the manifestations of a number of underlying problems in a building. These will often include a constant persistence of damp and condensation in and around the affected area, often a lack of adequate clean air circulation and a tepid to cold environment.

All of these factors help contribute to the growth and proliferation of mould. Due to the well documented and often serious health implications mould can represent to you and your family, immediate survey and removal is strongly recommended. A mould survey investigates the source and extent of the underlying causes of a mould infestation within your property, as well as advising on an appropriate removal strategy.

Why do I need a Mould Survey?

Occurring where warm damp air condenses on cold, unventilated surfaces, there are a number of detrimental side effects to your health directly related to living in close proximity to mould and it’s spores. Such side effects can include suffering from persistent flu-like symptoms often with a heavy cough.

Mould has also been known to cause irritation and complications with those suffering from pre-existing breathing and skin conditions. with young children being especially at risk. If mould is located anywhere within a residential property or a space which is in regular usage, a survey and subsequent removal is strongly recommended.

What do I get with a Mould Survey?

With a mould survey, our surveyors will confirm whether condensation is occurring within your property, providing a comprehensive explanation to the cause and extent of the condensation and resulting damp. Further to this a full explanation of the steps required to undertake an appropriate mould removal schedule will be given. Often, the solution is simple and can be performed on site by one of our attending qualified surveyors.

If removal will require more thorough remedial actions, then a full report and recommendations will be provided. The goal of a mould survey is to advise and ensure removal of all mould colonies and spores as well as ensuring the prevention of re-contamination. Note, that in that case of serious contamination, immediate vacation of the property is often advised.

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