Water Damage Survey London

What is a Water Damage Survey?

A water damage survey identifies and isolates causes of damage as a result of ingress from within your own water system, or from external sources due to damage in the fabric of a structure, as well as from natural sources such as occurrences of flooding. If you believe you have water damage, evidence can include the discolouration of surfaces, often accompanied by light to heavy mould growth. Other evidence can be the blistering of walls and ceilings as well as the warping of wooden floor panels.

Organic materials can often suffer from rot and metals from rusting if left unchecked for long periods of water exposure. A water damage survey can often discover defects that have yet to cause any damage, but are a future risk.

Why do I need a Water Damage Survey?

When performing a water damage survey, we utilise a number of techniques such as thermographic imaging and ultrasound detection equipment, to identify points of actual and potential water ingress. This will almost always be caused by a defect or damage to your property, whether it be burst pipes or cracking in the walls, or faulty roof tiling.

Instructing an investigation with us will not only allow for identification and correction of the immediate fault(s) at hand, but also outline appropriate restoration schedules, as well as advising on further maintenance and correction of areas of potential future concern. All of which, if left unresolved, can lead to both significant further proprietary and monetary damage.

What do I get with a Water Damage Survey?

When you request a water damage survey, after a non-destructive inspection of the property in question you will receive a full report supported with thermographic imagery. This report can provide you with a detailed analysis and opinion on the cause(s) and potential remedial actions required. Such actions can include the removal of damaged goods, supplying of dehumidifying equipment, refurbishments and repairs for future prevention. Dependent on the nature and severity of the damage found, our surveyor are often able to perform vital repairs immediately on location.

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