Heat Loss Survey London

Do you need a heat loss survey undertaken in London?

A heat loss survey utilises thermal imaging equipment to identify any potential number of structural defects that can lead to the loss of heat, by showing where air, and therefore heat, is leaking out of a given structure. Thermal images can be taken both internally and externally to show a clear methodology of how a property is losing thermal energy.

Why do I need a Heat Loss Survey?

The initial survey is non-destructive in nature and can provide a clear evaluation of a structure’s heat efficiency, and advise on any appropriate actions for improvements where any loss of heat is located. If you worry over the rising costs of your heating bills, feel cold draughts, or your property is not heating properly.

Or, if you simply wish to evaluate the effectiveness, or quality & efficiency, of your insulation, to commercial concerns of environmental impact such as the lowering of your carbon footprint, then a heat loss survey could be a wise precaution to help you solve your problems and save money in the long run.

What do I get with a Heat Loss Survey?

This report will provide you with a series of thermal imaging photographs, both of the inside and outside of your property, detailing surface temperature measurements and thermal dissipation. This will be accompanied by a full written report of the professional opinion of the surveyor as to the level of heat loss and if any remedial actions are required.

With a comprehensive picture of this loss on your property, you may be provided with a number of points of interest where improvements can be made. Whether that be installation or improvement of your existing insulation, repairs to failures in walls and junctures, or the replacement of aged and inefficient appliances.

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