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The purpose of a leak detection survey is to identify all actual and potential sources of a leak within a given water system, or leaks caused from weaknesses or faults of a structure itself. The majority of the causes of water ingress we come across can include blown pipes, whether they be from central heating or underfloor heating systems, from cracking in walls, or to improper fittings in bathrooms and faults in the fabric of roofing.

Why do I need a Leak Detection Survey?

You may believe you have a leak if your water or electricity usage suddenly jumps without explanation, your faucets discharge dirty or murky water, or you receive reports of low pressure of water outlets from customers. You may even just hear a dripping noise in your ceiling with no other signs of a leak.

Causal factors leading to a water leak can range from corrosion or a lack of maintenance on an aged infrastructure, poor installation and workmanship, to external factors side as subsidence and land slip. Detection of any actual or potential leak in your property is very important, as if left unresolved can lead to both significant proprietary and monetary damage that can result in lengthy restorative action being required.

What do I get with a Leak Detection Survey?

When performing a leak detection survey, our surveyors can utilise a number of techniques to get to the root cause of your problem. Such detection techniques can include listening devices and imaging equipment (such as ultrasound and thermography) to accurately detect, trace and isolate the exact origin of a leak.

Dependent on the nature and severity of water loss found in the leak detection survey, our surveyor will provide a full report write-up detailing the nature of your leak(s) and advise on the most appropriate course of action, from the performing of vital repairs (sometimes performed immediately on location) to the outlining of an appropriate drying schedule.

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