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What is a Mould Test?

We are among the UK’s leading industry professionals in the diagnosis of the cause of damp and condensation, which can lead to mould, combining a full diagnostic process with a plan for remedial action, in addition to a process to eliminate the mould problem.

Mould is amongst the main factors in the increase of asthma and other respiratory diseases in recent times and there’s a renewed concentration by landlords to ensure that their tenants aren’t affected by these bad living conditions. The triggers of the mould infestation need to be diagnosed and fixed or the mould will return quickly. Care must also be taken whenever getting rid of mould from a property.

Why Conduct a Mould Test

Performing a mould test is an essential step in quality control following post water damage remediation works, especially following instances “sewage/ waste /Category B or higher” water loss. Increased or prolonged exposure are linked to multiple detrimental side effects to your health.

Mould diagnostics; for detection of mould and fungal development, which isn’t normally visible to the naked eye. Tests can differentiate between fungal growth and stains. Can be performed as part of property purchasing process.

Post remediation verification; to determine that cleaning works after water loss have been performed to a sufficient standard.

Comparative testing; analysis of affected vs unaffected, complaint vs non-compliant areas.

What a Mould Test Entails

When undertaking moud survey, samples will be removed from the air and surface areas in an totally non-destructive process. Our specialists can gather and analyse samples and provide results on-site and advise on correct restorative actions. An extensive written report will be supplied. The client can also go for additional invasive material testing as part of the survey, where material samples can be screened for penetrative mould infestation or fungal growth.

Mould Test Reports

Following the survey a complete report will be issued to the landlord, homeowner, plumber or other instructing party, which will give a complete analysis of the causes of damp and mould, and a course of restorative actions will be recommended which will get rid of the problem, by getting rid of the mould. Nevertheless, the damp that causes the mould also needs to be eliminated so our programme will also suggest methods for getting rid of the damp.

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