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What is a Roof Survey?

The purpose of a roof survey, in its most general sense, is to assess the condition and general state of deterioration of your roof, to find points of deterioration. Our technicians can inspect and provide feedback for a large array of potential failures in the fabric of a roof.

These can include discontinuity and inadequacies in the installation of insulation (for both warm and cold roof construction), faults and damage to external membranes, felts and tiles, signs of water leaks or damp ingress, to the roofs general energy efficiency performance. We are able to provide surveys for both flat and pitched roofs.

Why do I need a Roof Survey?

If you have recently had a fire, are currently experiencing leaking or have general concerns regarding the condition of your roof, then a roof survey may be an appropriate precaution for you. A roof specific survey has proven helpful supportive document for previous clients who have also undertaken homebuyers survey.

By the utilisation of various techniques, such as flood and dye testing, thermal imagery, ultrasound scans and gas tracers, we can get to the bottom of, and diagnose any problem that may be missed in more general surveys. In very specific situations where requirements dictate, we are also able call on the expertise of structural engineers and party wall surveyors as part of the assessment.

What do I get with a Roof Survey?

Following a roof survey, you will be provided with a comprehensive written report discussing the makeup of your roof and the concerns you had to authorising the survey. This would be accompanied by the wide array of data and imagery gathered during the survey from the numerous technological approaches we employ. Where appropriate, proposals and recommendations for any required remedial actions will also be discussed.

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