Pipe Tracing Survey London

What is a pipe tracing survey?

The purpose of a pipe tracing survey is to identify and measure, in a non-destructive manner, the paths that all the pipework of a given property follows. This is with the end goal of building a comprehensive map of all hidden pipe systems. This would include the mapping of your gas, central heating, underfloor heating, mains water, and cold water systems.

Why do I need a Pipe Tracing Survey?

We utilise a number of different technological approaches in order to accurately trace a structures pipe system, these can include thermal imagery, endoscopic cameras, ultrasound scanners and metal detectors. This pipe tracing map can serve a number of purposes. It can provide an invaluable point of reference for any future planned renovations you have, so to avoid any undesired damage or destruction to the pipe network.

Or, a pipe trace map can help guide a technician in future any re-routing works or unexpected repair works in instances such as leaks. If you do have a leak or condensation, a pipe mapping exercise may be vital to help locate the pipe at fault, or even just to know where your stop-cock is.

What do I get with a Pipe Tracing Survey?

With a pipe tracing survey you will, be provided with a ‘pipe map’, which would take the form of a comprehensive diagrammatic representation of your property and pipe networks accompanied with precise measurements and locations.

In conjunction with this map you will be provided with a full written report, which may also be supported with thermal and endoscopic imagery taken during the survey. This map will become an invaluable tool of reference for your records, for a number of corrective actions or future renovations you may wish to take.

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