At Building Survey London, we provide a wide range of building surveys. Our building surveyors and pathologists are a combination of fully qualified IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians, Applied Structural Drying Technicians, Fire Damage Restoration Technicians, FLIR Thermal Imaging Engineers, experienced builders, roofers and building surveyors, as well as structural engineers, party wall surveyors, and chartered surveyors. All our building pathologists, especially with regard to Forensic Building Pathology, collaborate to form a unique team which can produce empirical evidence. From basic building pathology such as the investigation of water damage, finding the cause of mould or condensation, or establishing the cause of subsidence/ heaving, structural cracking, or building movement, our building investigators and assessors have the techniques and expertise.

If you intend to begin an insurance claim, need evidence for an insurance claim, require trace and access or a report to even establish whether the cause of your problem is insurable as well as diagnose the cause, building pathology as party of a building assessment/ investigation is essential. Building pathology will always be about factoring in ALL variables that could contribute to or be causal of the issue being experienced/ investigated – it is an overall approach to tackling a problem. For every action there is a reaction; this is an extremely important thing to remember when it comes to building surveying. From a neighbour having a basement dug out and tanked resulting in a rise in local ground water levels, to diverted local traffic causing vibration damage, we can assist you in working out the cause of your building damage.

Building Survey

What is a building survey? Sometimes referred to as a ‘full structural assessment’, in short, a building survey is a detailed report on part, parts, or even all of, one or more aspects of a building. Our assessments can vary drastically depending on your requirements; as you can see from above, we offer a vast range of different building investigatory services. Of course, with any type of investigation, restrictions can hinder a ‘full structural survey’ which is why such terminology is not generally used anymore – factors such as fitted floor coverings, suspended ceilings and floors, false walls, limited roof access, limited access to neighbouring properties or land, and structural insecurity. Valuation of the property is not normally included in a building investigation or assessment but can be if required, and can also be instructed as the sole focus of instruction.

Our Clients

We often undertake building investigations and assessments on behalf of both existing leaseholders and freehold companies who need advice on the condition of their building, and/ or assistance in prioritising works and planning maintenance. Whilst the application of specialist thermal imaging and ultrasound techniques are our fundamental niche over almost all other building surveying organisations, our forensic building pathology practices help make us one of London’s leading building damage investigation firms. Our clients vary from everyday home owners and landlords, to large commercial building freehold companies and property maintenance companies. If you have or manage a building, why not contact us today to see how we can help you investigate a problem, manage your property or portfolio, or simply investigate, assess, and report upon elements of the building.

Building Pathology

Building pathology involves the holistic investigation of building integrity and failures or faults from several varying perspectives, taking in to account all actual and potential contributory surrounding variables with the aim of establishing, as well as ruling out, cause and effect.Building Pathology London »

Certificate of Dryness

Our water damage restoration and structural drying technicians are qualified to assess your water damaged property, all affected materials and determine if they and the environment are certifiable as dry; to issue an IICRC S500 compliant Certificate of Dryness.Certificate of Dryness London »

Damp Survey

Damp affecting your commercial or domestic property should be investigated by an independent surveyor without a vested interest in your damp survey findings. This is so you receive a thorough and unbiased report on the true extent of the damage.Damp Survey London »

End of Tenancy Survey

Do you need an end of tenancy survey carried out in London? This will ensure the condition of your property is fully documented upon exit of your tenant.End of Tenancy Survey London »

Energy Efficiency Survey

Energy efficiency is the management of your existing energy consumption, as well as the limitation of future growth. If a building or appliance delivers more service, for the same input of energy, or the same level of service with a decrease in energy input, its efficiency is seen as being improved.Energy Efficiency Survey London »

Fire Damage Survey

A fire damage survey is performed immediately following incidents involving fire related damage to a property; whether it be primary damage such as that cause by direct contact with fire itself and heat, or secondary fire related damage, such as that resulting from contact with soot and smoke.Fire Damage Survey London »

Forensic Building Survey

A forensic building survey involves the exhaustive assessment of the integrity, faults or failures of a building from a number of different perspectives and disciplines.Forensic Building Survey London »

Heat Loss Survey

A heat loss survey utilises thermal imaging equipment to identify any potential number of structural defects that can lead to the loss of heat, by showing where air, and therefore heat, is leaking out of a given structure.Forensic Building Survey London »

Home Buyers Survey

Looking for a home buyers survey in London? A home buyers survey will detail the current state of the property, from structural to aesthetics.Home Buyers Survey London »

Leak Detection Survey

The purpose of a leak detection survey is to identify all actual and potential sources of a leak within a given water system, or leaks caused from weaknesses or faults of a structure itself.Leak Detection Survey London »

Mould Survey

The presence of mould and related odours are often the manifestations of a number of underlying problems in a building. These will often include a constant persistence of damp and condensation in and around the affected area, often a lack of adequate clean air circulation and a tepid to cold environment.Mould Survey London »

Noise Pollution Survey

Looking for a Noise Pollution Surveyor in London? We look at the noise levels and decibels of surrounding factors.Noise Pollution Survey London »

Party Wall Survey

Do you require a party wall agreement in London? We are experts in party wall surveys.Party Wall Survey London »

Pipe Tracing Survey

The purpose of a pipe tracing survey is to identify and measure, in a non-destructive manner, the paths that all the pipework of a given property follows.Pipe Tracing Survey London »

Roof Survey

The purpose of a roof survey, in its most general sense, is to assess the condition and general state of deterioration of your roof, to find points of deterioration. Our technicians can inspect and provide feedback for a large array of potential failures in the fabric of a roof.Roof Survey London »

Schedule of Condition

Do you require a Schedule of Conditions? An agreed Schedule of Condition at the commencement of a commercial tenancy and attached to the lease is the most effective way of limiting future dilapidations liability.Schedule of Condition London »

Structural Survey

A Structural Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property. It is the most comprehensive of the surveys available for residential properties and will provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition.Structural Survey London »

Thermal Imaging Survey

A thermal imaging survey identifies insulation defects and conductive heat loss within the fabric of a building, showing where air and therefore heat, is leaking out of a given structure.Thermal Imaging Survey London »

Trace and Access Survey

As referred to in British homeowner’s insurance policies, trace and access is the coverage of costs for investigative surveys and repairs works for water leaks. It is important to be aware that in some policies, trace and access can be specifically excluded, resulting with you leaving left with the burden of footing the bill.Trace and Access Survey London »

Water Damage Survey

A water damage survey identifies and isolates causes of damage as a result of ingress from within your own water system, or from external sources due to damage in the fabric of a structure, as well as from natural sources such as occurrences of flooding.Water Damage Survey London »