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Building pathology involves the holistic investigation of building integrity and failures or faults from several varying perspectives, taking in to account all actual and potential contributory surrounding variables with the aim of establishing, as well as ruling out, cause and effect.

The reasons why you would require a building pathology specialist or building pathologist over another type of surveyor, building investigator, or even a skilled builder are numerous; building pathologists use a number of techniques such as thermographic surveying (thermal imaging), ultrasonic assessment (ultrasound) and vibration assessment techniques, amongst many other tools, which are not usually utilised by other professionals.

How can you utilise Building Pathology?

At Building Survey London, our building pathologists are a combination of fully qualified IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians, Applied Structural Drying Technicians, Fire Damage Restoration Technicians, FLIR Thermal Imaging Engineers, experienced builders, roofers and building surveyors, as well as structural engineers, party wall surveyors, and chartered surveyors.

All our building pathologists, especially with regard to Forensic Building Pathology Surveying, collaborate to form a unique team which can produce empirical evidence. From basic building pathology such as the investigation of water damage, finding the cause of mould or condensation, or establishing the cause of subsidence/ heaving, structural cracking, or building movement, our building pathologists have the technique and expertise. If you intend to begin an insurance claim, need evidence for an insurance claim, require trace and access and a report to even establish whether the cause of your problem is insurable, building pathology is essential.

Building pathology will always be about factoring in ALL variables that could contribute to or be causal of the issue being experienced/ investigated – it is an overall approach to tackling a problem. For every action there is a reaction; this is an extremely important thing to remember when it comes to building works. From a neighbour having a basement dug out and tanked resulting in a rise in local ground water levels, to diverted local traffic causing vibration damage, we can assist you in working out the cause of your building damage.

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