Leak Detection Systems London

Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems London

What is a Leak Detection System?

Leak detection systems in buildings are a very good way of getting on top of water leaks the second they happen and minimising the level of damage that may otherwise be caused.

Whilst possibly overkill for a smaller domestic dwelling/ house, in a larger residential or commercial block, a leak detection system could be incorporated as part of a predictive maintenance regime, responsible building supervision, and building damage safeguarding.

Not only that, having one of these systems can dramatically reduce your insurance fees and running costs. Server rooms can also be monitored reliably for the detection of water leaks in the cooling systems. As trusted and qualified technicians of water leakage detection systems, we should be your contact for installation and maintenance of these types of systems.

Installation Services for Leak Detection Systems

Not only are we outfitted to install and maintain leak detection systems, but we are competent and ready to respond to all leaks and water spillage in a timely fashion to minimize the spread of water, dry spilt water and saturated materials, and put together technical specs for the water damage repair and remediation.

This ensures that the place of the leak can be found speedily in order that countermeasures can be introduced right away. The sensor cable and point sensors may be combined to streamline systems, where current systems are in place. Line-break monitoring is usually included in each system to ensure alarms may be shut down in the case of a spillage when the fault has been recognised.

The leak detection system is a easy and quick installation, primarily based on a modular principle. The leak detection system features a visual and audio alarm signal, galvanically isolated indicator relay, and is also robust and reliable (resilient to being submerged).

Why Use a Leak Detection System

You may wish to use our system in computer centres, telephone exchanges, libraries, museums, archives, bookstores, clean air rooms, air-conditioning and heating centres, commercial buildings, and large residential blocks, or blocks with a reputation of leakage.

You might want the water leak detection system to be set up in risers or voids, under floors, under central heating boilers or heating systems, within plant rooms, below computer equipment, below piping heating cables or below process cables.

System components might include the sensors, SCR sensor cables, PS, PSO+ and PSO Point Sensors, monitoring RLW with locating, as a wall-mounted enclosure RLAnet with locating for installation in the control cabinet or as a wall-mounted enclosure, or, RDW 03 without locating as a wall-mounted enclosure RDA 01 without locating for installation in the control cabinet.

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