Fire Damage Survey London

Do you need a fire damage survey undertaken in London?

A fire damage survey is performed immediately following incidents involving fire related damage to a property; whether it be primary damage such as that cause by direct contact with fire itself and heat, or secondary fire related damage, such as that resulting from contact with soot and smoke. Such a survey forms a quantitative record of loss and damage experienced to the fabric of a property and all goods within it, as well as accounting for further potential residual risks to health of any occupants.

Why do I need a Fire Damage Survey?

Fire damage surveys are an important measure to take in instances of fire, as such a survey will account for all damages experienced and are fully compliant for insurance purposes. Further, the survey will aid in the minimization of implications and problems that can occur during the restoration process that will follow. It is often that the burden of proof with fire damage lies with the policy holder, not the insurance provider, therefore requesting a comprehensive fire damage survey is an essential step in ensuring a smooth claim and restoration of the property.

What do I get with a Fire Damage Survey?

After a fire has been extinguished and the property has then been deemed safe to enter by the appropriate authorities, our certified surveyors will assess the damage caused by the effects of the fire. A full professional report will be issued that will comprehensively list and detail all goods and valuables that have experienced destruction, damage or impairment directly related to the fire.

Some clients also request us to provide valuations of their goods to further support replacement and refurbishment. Further to this an assessment of the integrity of the structure itself will also be made, with advice provided on any corrective works required. Photographic evidence will also be provided for the purposes of further strengthening following insurance claims.

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