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Energy efficiency is the management of your existing energy consumption, as well as the limitation of future growth. If a building or appliance delivers more service, for the same input of energy, or the same level of service with a decrease in energy input, its efficiency is seen as being improved. An energy efficiency survey will assess and advise on areas of improvement in your own energy efficiency. It must be remembered that this differs from energy conservation which is the reduction or removal of a service with the goal of saving energy, though both can be effective strategies at reducing energy costs.

Why do I need an Energy Efficiency Survey?

After a non-invasive inspection of the property in question you will receive a report with a detailed analysis on the efficiency of your energy usage, which will highlight and suggest the best areas where your energy efficiency can be improved, saving you money. This will be established by investigating a number of different areas, such as any heat loss, draughts and thermal bridging, as well as mapping any moisture or damp. The performance of existing central and underfloor heating systems can also be taken in to account. PAT testing of your older appliances, such as freezers, clothes washers and dryers is also of interest in establishing overall energy efficiency.

What do I get with an Energy Efficiency Survey?

With a comprehensive picture of your energy efficiency, you may be provided with a number of points of interest where improvements can be made. Such improvements can take the form of installation or improvement of your existing insulation systems, repairs to structural failures in the walls and junctures of your property, to the replacement of aged appliances with new higher rated ones. With your energy efficiency survey you would receive a full write-up of all points of interest with advice on improvements that can be made, all supported with thermographic imagery.

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